Krishna Jayanthi Special

Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all of you....

Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated as Hindu religious festival and the birth of Lord Krishna is called as Krishna Jayanthi. So the hindu people is celebrated this festival annually. In Hindus calender, it is celebrated on the month of avani, the eighth day from the full moon day on Rohini Nakshatra. In Gregorian calender, this festival is celebrated in the month of August and September. In south india, it is celebrated as Gokulashtami and it is also celebrated as in the name of Ashtami Rohini in Kerala. In India, it is celebrated in the different names.

In North India, Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated as in the form of Rasa lila and Dahi handi. Rasa lila is nothing but it is a drama which describes the life of Lord Krishna in his childhood. Dahi handi is one kind of game and it is otherwise called as uriadi. It is an event of forming teams of young people to make a pyramids of human to hit a high-hanging pot which contains butter. It is a major event on that day.In south India, it is celebrated as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami. Brahmins, Yadhavas, Chettiars and Pillais are celebrating this festival. Lord Krishna birth occurs at mid night and so poojas are done in the evening. Sweets and Savouries are prepared and then women put rangolis on the ground by using rice flour. If any boy child are present in home means people decorates him like an Infant Krishna and put foot prints on ground by using rice flour to represent the arrival of Lord Krishna from the entrance of house to pooja room.

Lord Krishna is born in Madhura. His parents are Vasudeva and Devagi. He is the eighth child of them. To protect Lord Krishna from his abusive uncle called Kamsa, the King of Madhura. Vasudeva bring krishna to Brindavanam which is present beyond from Yamuna river. In Brindavanam he keep his son in the house of Yadhavas couple of Nandagopar and Yasodha.There Lord krishna playing a flute, cattle herding, playing with friends and the time spent for doing naughty things like butter theif (ie) he theft butter which is present in pot from all the houses present in the Brindavanam. So he is a naughty boy of Brindavanam.To attack Krishna,the king Kamsa sent some Asura but lord krishna killed them. In his younger age, he plays with younger girls called gopis. but he has an divine love with Radha. These stories are called as Rasa lila. When he reached an adult age, he went to Madhura and killed Kamsa and handed over the Kingdom to his grandfather, Ugrasena. Then he make friendship with his aunt's son Pandavas especially he became a friend of Arjuna. Then he gone to Dwaraka along with Madhura people and started his own Kingdom there. Kurukshetra war occurs between Pandavas and Kauravas. In that, Lord krishna gave his sena to Kauravas and he acted as Arjuna's charioteer. Before the war getting started, the conversation started between Lord krishna and Arjuna. this conversation is called as Bhagavad Gita. Lateron, he live with his wife called Rukmini in Dwaraka and he became the king of yadavas. Then he was killed by the hunters arrow in the forest. Yadavas started to quarrel among themselves and destroyed themselves. Finally Dwaraka is destroyed.

Lord Krishna is the God of Hindhu people. This avathar is one of the avathar of Lord Vishnu. In Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharatham mythology lord Krishna details are available in it. The tamil people call Lord Krishna as kannan and the North Indian people call him as Kannaiah. Apart this, Kesavan, Govindan, Gopalan are the other names of Lord krishna. Krishna having a total of 16,108 wives but all of them are considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. The first son of Rukmini is pradyumna.

It is the one of the main scriptures of Hindu religious people. In Mahabharatha, before started Kurukshetra war, Arjuna visited opposition parties. They are his relatives, friends, teachers etc. So he refused to fight with them. Lord Krishna saw this and told him to fight against them no sentimental issues are involved. That explanation indicates the Philosophy and Literature. This conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna is Bhagawad Gita.