2008 Ganesh Chaturthi Special Bhakti Sangeet !

Lord Ganesh is the start of a every Hindus life ,Whatever we will start the work fulfilled by worshipping with Ganesh and songs of Ganapathi Pappa Moriya….those who devoted to Ganapathi they will get wealth ,health and peace. Inner peace is very important to fast track world. Think how many of them have peaceful life today. No one satisfied with their things. Daily prayer is one of the path to attain the inner peace. Whatever you do wherever you go Ganesh would come with you…Jai Ganesh
jai Ganesh Mantras for happy life
Shri Ganesh Bhajans to all bhakta's
Lord Ganesh Bhakti Group Bhajans
Shri Ganesh Bhajans Rajastahni devotees