Narada explains the perfectional stage of pure devotion;
the process to achieve this state;
gives quotations from other Vedic personalities on the subject matter;
things to avoid when developing bhakti; and finally explains the nature of selfless love and the different forms of attachment to the Supreme person.

The text states that the true nature of pure love of God is beyond description, but this does not restrict God from revealing it to those who are qualified. Once this pure love is obtained it says that a person "looks only at the Lord, hears only about Him, speaks only of Him, and thinks only of Him" .

Secondary forms of this love are given as stepping stones which bring one to the perfectional stage, with each stage nearer to perfection being better than those preceding it. It is also stated that bhakti is a much easier practice to obtain perfection through, than by any other process. The reason being that "it does not depend on any other authority for its validity, being itself the standard of authority. Furthermore, bhakti is the embodiment of peace and supreme ecstasy.